Jordyn Barratt is a dedicated athlete who spends hours falling down only to get back up and have another go on her skateboard or surfboard. She is passionate about her sports and is a fierce competitor and hopes that with hard work her dreams, drive, and talent will take her all the way to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.



2nd:: Bondi Bowl-a-Rama Australia

2nd:: VANS Combi Bowl Classic

1st:: 420 Events – Venice Beach


2017 events

2nd:: Exposure Skate Vert  Encinitas, CA

1st:: Exposure Skate Bowl  Encinitas, CA

Silver medal :: X Games Minneapolis, Women's Skateboard Park

1st place :: Bowlarama , Bondi Beach , Australia

1st place :: VANS Girls Combi Classic


2016 events

2nd place :: EXPOSURE Skate, Bowl

2nd place :: EXPOSURE Skate, Vert

2nd place :: Vans Park Series World Championship Mälmo, Sweden

3rd place :: US Open Skate, Open Women's Park

2nd place :: Supergirl Skate Pro, Open Women's Vert

Bronze medal :: X Games Austin, Women's Skateboard Park

2nd place :: Australian Bowl-Riders Championships

1st place :: Girls Combi Classic, 15 & over amateurs